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With GNU Solfege you can practice the more simple and mechanical exercises without the need to get others to help you.

Most people are busy and might be difficult to practice regularly. To get really good results, you should practice a little every day.

When you study music in high school, college, music conservatory, you usually have to do ear training. Some of the exercises, like sight singing, are easy to do alone. But often you have to be at least two people, one making questions, the other answering.

If you do not have good options to get singing lessons near you, the GNU Solfege program/software could be of great help.


GNU Overview

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  • Ear training and music theory
  • Focus on specific areas of improvement
  • Various musical exercises, including interval recognition, rhythm dictation, chord progressions
  • Exercises covering different difficulty levels
  • Create and share custom exercises
  • Progress tracking and statistics
  • Multiple languages
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Integration with MIDI devices
  • Free and open-source software